From hidden sewer systems to full accessibility for smart decisions - Sweden Water Research

From hidden sewer systems to full accessibility for smart decisions

This is the PhD research project of Martin Bjerke. Martin is an industrial PhD student working for Sweden Water Research, VA SYD and Lund University.

PHD PROJECT Martin’s research focuses on challenges regarding asset management of pipeline systems, mainly sewage pipeline systems. Good maintenance of our sewerage systems is necessary for long-term sustainable and efficient management of these systems. There has been a development within this field, with new methods and techniques for status assessment, sensors for better monitoring and decision support for better management where economic aspects are included.

Martin’s research focuses on investigating to what extent the new technology is being applied outside of the water organizations and what their most important challenges are in terms of maintenance and reinvestment in sewerage systems. Martin also aims to evaluate methods for more strategic planning in the longer term and to integrate the importance of the sewer systems into the urban water system as a whole.

Martin’s project is part of Mistra InfraMaint, a research program with a focus on smart maintenance. The program has a vision of a sustainable infrastructure that is accessible and secure around the clock. InfraMaint consists of several research projects that relate to the maintenance and renewal of municipal infrastructure. Martin is connected to one of the sub-projects.

  • Improved decision basis
  • Reduced flooding of untreated wastewater
  • More efficient purification in sewage treatment plants
  • Reduced risk of flooding
  • More efficient management of our pipeline systems