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Värpinge Wetland

As part of the ISWIM project, there is a focus on space-efficient, resource-efficient, and advanced treatment of large flows of stormwater from urban areas. New technology for managing larger flows will be tested at the Värpinge wetland test site in Lund.

In Värpinge, located in western Lund, VA SYD is constructing a wetland with a pre-sedimentation pond to purify large flows of stormwater from the surrounding built environment. Adjacent to the wetland, a test site is being developed to enhance knowledge and test new technologies for stormwater purification.

Flygbild över Lund med åkrar bredvid. Ett område och två punkter är markerade.

A map of Lund indicating the location of the Värpinge wetland and the Rinnebäcksdammen

Värpinge Wetland

The facility to be constructed is an artificial wetland aimed at purifying pollutants such as particulate and dissolved metals, nutrients, organic substances, and more. The wetland system consists of a pre-sedimentation pond followed by the wetland. In the pre-sedimentation pond, purification primarily occurs as larger particle-bound pollutants settle to the bottom. In the subsequent wetland, further purification takes place through the sedimentation of smaller particles as well as through plant uptake and other biological processes that will reduce the levels of dissolved pollutants.

Ritning över Värpingedammen

A drawing of the Värpinge pond shows the intended design

The wetland’s catchment area is approximately 100 hectares and is located in western Lund. Slightly more than half of the area consists of commercial and industrial zones, while the rest comprises residential areas, parks, forests, and agricultural land. This contributes to high levels of pollutants in the Höje River in southern Lund, which the stormwater facility aims to reduce.

Ett gräsfält med en gård längst bort vid horisonten. Blå himmel med små vita moln. En kulle med ett vindkraftverk i kanten av fältet.

Here, in the western outskirts of Lund, is the location of the Värpinge Wetland

Värpinge Wetland Test Site

In parallel with the constructed wetland, a test site is being developed. This site will have well-placed infrastructure to enable testing of various stormwater treatment techniques. The purpose of the test site is to facilitate technological advancement by serving as a testing ground for current and future issues in stormwater purification. The characteristics of stormwater vary greatly, both between different rain events and within a single rain event. By enabling tests on “live” and actual stormwater under real conditions, such as cold and heat, it is possible to observe how the techniques and treatment methods perform in a more realistic environment before they are applied to the sewer network and in densely populated urban areas.

From Idea to Prototype
ISWIM will test new technology for treating larger stormwater flows at the Värpinge test site. To determine which technology to test, the project will conduct a design sprint to develop prototypes based on:

  • Technical emission requirements
  • Practical application
  • Economics
  • Space limitations
  • Public acceptance


The pond and wetland are scheduled to be completed by November 2024.

The Värpinge wetland is being constructed with partial funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.