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Where does the rain go? Stormwater in Gdansk likes travelling

On the occasion of World Water Day, celebrated on the 22nd of March, we decided to made a Fanplesstic-sea promotional and educational campaign.

Eco awards for participants: cotton bag and steel water bottle with the Fanplesstic-sea project logotype

On our company’s website www.gdanskiewody.pl we have published the educational quiz “Where does the rain go?” that was a great way to verify the knowledge about the interesting and full of adventures travel of the stormwater in Gdansk, that begins in the sky and can end in the Baltic Sea.

The problem of stormwater quality and its microplastic pollution is still not well understood. Epecially when it comes to the relations of the stormwater quality and the quality of the whole Baltic Sea enviornment. Therefore, rising awareness in this field is very important.

Our quiz participants could know more about our Fanplesstic-sea project mission. The questions were arranged in such a way to illustrate the real journey of the stormwater from the stage of the water drop that arises high in the clouds and then falls on the green or impermeable surface and can finally stop in the Baltic Sea. What is more the ways to reduce the microplastic pollution were underlined. The video about our pilot station for the stormwater treatment using Nature Based Solutions with the related questions was included in the quiz.

Those, who answered most of the questions correctly received very practical eco awards – cotton bags or steel water bottles. The quiz was very positively received, more than 900 people from whole Poland took part in it and had great fun learning about the important issues of stormwater quality and the problems with the microplastic pollution.

The participants were very gratefull to be made aware of the way that the rain „travels” in the city and what they can personally do to reduce the microplastic pollution. What is the most important the particpants could know more about our FanpLESStic-sea project!