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School of Eco Leaders in Kaliningrad

Lecture on the microplastic pollution problem was held in the programme School of Eco Leaders as an action to involve children for positive change in the future.

Youth involvement is still quite an effective way to achieve positive changes in the future. The work on youths awareness-raising about the main environmental challenges and ways to reduce the negative human impact is ongoing in the Kaliningrad region. Supported by Federal agency for Youth Affairs Environmental Initiatives Center “Eiva”, Kaliningrad Regional Children youth center for ecology, local history and tourism, organized School of Eco Leaders for most active youth from the whole region – “Ecoleader 2021”.

The event was held from the 1st to 3rd of May and included lectures from experts, practical lessons, reuse-workshop and other activities. It is important that the students meet with not only environmental topics but also with the information required for successful implementation of the environment protection measures. In particular, how to prepare an application for the idea and get the grant, the methods of preparing and presenting information in social network, organization informational campaigns and etc. Requirements of national and regional environmental legislation were also in focus of this training. During the event, participants studied facts about plastic and microplastic pollution.

The FanpLEStic-sea project manager, acting head of Environmental Monitoring and Educational Department of SAI KR “ECAT” – Yana Baranovskaia provided the lecture on the plastic/microplastic pollution problem, its historical development and measures to solve it as well as project activities and interim results.

Moreover, participants had the chance to share their experience of organizing and participating in the environmental events, discuss the last news and vectors of environmental volunteering and measures to protect the environment and prepare plans for practical implementation of skills obtained.