Pilot 5 (bonus): Microplastic removal by ultra membrane filtration (Horizon 2020 project REWAISE) - Sweden Water Research

Pilot 5 (bonus): Microplastic removal by ultra membrane filtration (Horizon 2020 project REWAISE)

In the Horizon 2020 project REWAISE, an ultra membrane filter pilot is set up at a stormwater pond to test it abilities to clean stormwater. Through collaboration with the FanpLESStic project, the aim is to test the UM filter’s performance in removing microplastics. The research focus is to first test the pond water and later the purified water, to be able to evaluate the microplastic reduction in relation to the reduction effect of the pond.

The pilot unit uses the membrane process ultrafiltration (UF) for improving stormwater quality. One of the objectives is to test UF for microplastic reduction. For this, a stormwater pond in an urban area of Lund was identified as a suitable test site

A containerised UF pilot unit was delivered in July 2021, as part of the H2020 project REWAISE. The pilot unit has a submerged membrane area of close to 10 m2 suitable for average stormwater purification capacities of 300 – 1000 l/h.. The membranes selected for the initial testing are ceramic membranes (Liqtech, Denmark) with a nominal pore size of 0.2 micro. Thus, microplastics and micropollutants with a size larger than 0.2 micron should be removed from the purified stormwater.

Compared to other conventional stormwater treatment techniques like e.g. wet ponds, sand filter or bio filter, the membrane concept is very compact, modular, and continuous concept removing bacteria, micropollutants and microplastic down to the nanometers without filter aids.

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