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Residues to best use – biochar as solution and product in the circular and climate positive society

Pyrolysis of dried sewage sludge generates a sludge biochar that can be used in several applications. VA SYD participates in the project Residues to best use to increase its knowledge about biochar and its possibilities.

A VA SYD PROJECT The project will continue to develop pyrolysis for seed residues, sewage sludge and seaweed. The climate benefits resulting from biochar production will be calculated. The carbon sink that is generated will be calculated and a transparent and verified trade will be developed. The cadmium removal and phosphorus availability in the pyrolysis of sewage sludge will be optimised and the pretreatment methods will be further developed. Seaweed and park and garden residues will be pyrolysed using a robust batch technology.

The growth conditions for plants in the produced biochar will be tested in controlled experiments and under realistic urban, horticultural and agricultural conditions.

The project aim to create a stable implementation of biochar by introducing biochar in Swedish standards and influence the European certification to make it more aligned with the national
conditions and the development within this project.

Business models will be developed for the techniques, the products, the systems and the knowledge that is generated in the project. The different commercial products will be adjusted to fit the biochar market and the demand of the biochar users. Optimized fertilisation, stormwater solutions, filter systems, rain gardens and soil products with biochar will be adapted to the market and introduced to meet the built up demand.

Nuvarande Rest-till-Bäst-projektet är delfinansierat av den statliga innovationsmyndigheten Vinnova inom utlysningen Utmaningsdriven innovation – steg 3, implementering (diarienummer: 2021-01589).

The current project is part-financed by the Sweden`s Innovation Agency (Vinnova) within the call Challenge-driven innovation – step 3, implementation (registration number: 2021-01589).

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The project is seen as a test project within Testbed Ellinge, read more about Testbed Ellinge here

Project Manager

Markus Paulsson
Lunds kommun

The project will

  • Further develop pyrolysis as a treatment method.
  • Develop products and applications with biochar.
  • Develop guidelines for bochar.