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FramBliK – The future biofilm process, still with continuous operation

Many municipal wastewater treatment plants are facing expansion and reconstruction. Lack of space and requirements for sustainability mean that compact, resource-efficient, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions are in demand. This project is about investigating a new biofilm process, with a bio-based carrier, to assess whether this process can be a viable alternative in future wastewater treatment plants.

The overall aim of this project is, in pilot-scale, study and develop a compact and resource-efficient alternative to today’s other compact treatment technologies on the market. The studied solution is based on the advantages of the MBBR technology (MBBR = moving bed biofilm reactor) but with a completely bio-based carrier, newly developed by AnoxKaldnes Veolia Water Technologies AB in Lund. In the process, different process conditions are created through alternating operation with a continuous flow. In addition to removal of organic matter and nitrogen, this process also includes enhanced biological phosphorus removal.

The pilot study takes place at Källby Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Lund. The project is performed within Elin Ossiansson´s doctoral project in close collaboration with AnoxKaldnes. The pre-filtration pilot from the ICU – pre-treatment project is also used in this project.

The project will provide answers to how compact, robust, energy efficient and environmentally friendly AnoxKaldnes’ new biofilm technology can be in relation to other technologies. The answer will be considered in future process choices at WWTPs, especially at the Källby WWTP whose water is tested in the study.