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MACRO – Food in circular robust systems, step 3

Source separated wastewater systems enable a circular economy through the return of plant nutrients, reduced water use, reduced energy use, increased biogas production and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

MACRO (Food in Circular Robust Systems, step 3) is a Vinnova project within Challenge-driven innovation step 3 – implementation. The project will document processes for the development of source separation wastewater systems in urban environments by compiling experiences from the system that will be built and commissioned during the spring of 2020 in Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg and apply it in planning and design of systems to be developed for Norra Djurgårdsstaden in Stockholm and Visborg in Visby.

In the MACRO project, NSVA is leading the work on documentation and follow-up of the sewer system in the system Three pipes out in Helsingborg. NSVA shall also function as a knowledge bank and shall contribute with validation of approaches to the systems, as well as a follow-up of the system’s first two years in operation. Helsingborg will also play an important role in developing knowledge about communication with the public in the showroom that belongs to RecoLab.

You can find the project’s website here:

Project manager

Project manager: Maria Lennartsson, City of Stockholm

  • investigate the design and project conditions for a source-separating wastewater system in the later stages of Norra Djurgårdsstaden
  • follow up and document the first two years of operation of the wastewater system `Three pipes out´ in Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg
  • in Visborg, Visby, source separation system with vacuum technology for 3,700 apartments will be designed
  • summarise and document the project’s experiences in a handbook to make it easier for successors to implement similar wastewater systems.