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The Benefits of Technical Water

Purified and recycled wastewater for industries can be utilized as a resource and contribute to sustainable water use. But when should we implement this, and what are the driving forces?

In our region, drinking water is used in some industries even though drinking water quality is not required. If treated wastewater can be used instead, the demand for drinking water will decrease, thereby freeing up capacity in the production and distribution of drinking water.

NSVA and Laholmsbuktens VA (LBVA) have individually worked on delivering recycled wastewater as technical water to several industries. Now, these organizations have joined forces with Sweden Water Research to jointly investigate the benefits of technical water delivery.

This project aims to combine expertise across organizational boundaries to collectively advance the possibilities of supplying recycled purified wastewater to industries. The project seeks to provide answers or clarify whether, and if so why, we should work with recycled/technical water.

The work is intended to result in a strategic framework for how water organizations should develop technical water. This is done through an analysis of concrete cases in Landskrona and Halmstad. These cases are studied, calculated, and evaluated using a multi-criteria analysis.

The objective is for the project to provide a clear answer to the question: yes or no to recycled water.

The answer will include limitations:

  • The circumstances under which we should use recycled water.
  • The ability to concretize various case studies where recycled water is compared with other measures.