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Five quick questions

1. What is Tre Rör Ut (Three Pipes Out)?
Tre Rör Ut is a system for collecting food- and toiletwaste in the residential buildings of Oceanpiren in the district of Oceanhamnen in central Helsingborg. Tre Rör Ut consists of a three-pipe system which leads toilet waste, food waste and greywater in three separate pipes out from the residential buildings and further on to Reco lab’s unit.

2. What is Reco lab?
Reco lab is an abbreviation of Recovery lab, Sweden. Recovery lab is a building, which has three functions; a showroom where education and new value chains for recycled resources are created, a development unit were the treatment plant of the future is tested in practice and a testbed where it will be possible to test new technique and new services in connection to food waste and wastewater treatment.

3. Who created Reco lab?

Reco lab is an initiative taken på NSVA, NSR and the City of Helsingborg to test and develop new sustainable alternatives of food waste and wastewater treatment.

4. What is the purpose of Reco lab?

To test and develop new technique and new services for the management of food waste and wastewater to contribute to improved sustainability.

5. When will Reco lab open?

The goal is to deploy the development unit of Reco lab during the spring of 2021. Once that has been done, the showroom and the testbed will also open.