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Hydrogen in the tank

In order to achieve climate neutral transportation, different types of fuel such as electricity, biogas and hydrogen are needed.

A VA SYD PROJECT This project aims to reduce obstacles to changing to hydrogen as fuel in certain sectors where reliability and availability are pivotal. Furthermore, production of hydrogen facilitates to equalize and stabilize the supply of renewable electricity.

Production of hydrogen has potential synergies with wastewater treatment. Hydrogen can be used to convert the carbon dioxide in biogas into methane and thus generate more methane from the same digestion process. Production of hydrogen generates oxygen as a by-product. The oxygen gas may be used as an alternative to aeration, which currently accounts for a large part of the electricity used at wastewater treatment plants. Oxygen can also be a raw material for the production of ozone at treatment plants with the aim of treating the water with respect to organic micro pollutants to meet future expected emission requirements.

The project aims to create a cost-effective and secure value chain for regional hydrogen production. As part of this, potential synergies with wastewater treatment will be evaluated. An assessment will be made regarding benefits, risks and development needs for oxygenation with oxygen gas and for methanization of carbon dioxide from biogas.