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Digitizes the water chain

A smart system for quality-assured water supply

Future City Water

Future City Water delivers state-of-the-art solutions that secure our most important commodity - drinking water. The smart drinking water systems of the future are automatically controlled to minimize leakage, ensure water quality and optimize water use throughout the supply chain, around the clock.

Access to clean drinking water is taken for granted in the Nordics. But even here, in northern Europe, we experience problems due to aging pipe systems, droughts and low renewal rates. Future City Water uses digital technology to gain control over the drinking water supply chain and ensure that it can be fully integrated into the smart city.

About Future City Water

Future City Water is an innovation project that aims to increase the pace of development of a smart network for drinking water supply – from water source to tap. Today, there is a need for municipal water and sewerage companies to gain control over the supply of drinking water and quickly obtain information about leaks, operational disruptions and water quality.

The loss of drinking water in Sweden alone is estimated to be around 20 percent, a major financial burden to communities. Leaks are both difficult and expensive to repair, and this leads to a delay in investments in new infrastructure. With the help of Future City Water’s tools, the entire water supply chain is digitized and hence gives a better overview of the system.

The project received financial support from Vinnova’s challenge-driven innovation programme.

Future City Water helps you to

  • Collect and process large amounts of data for optimized operation and long-term planning.
  • Find leaks, send information to customers, make the system more energy-efficient and identify quality problems.
  • Integrate the digitized water supply chain into a smart city.

How does it work?

Data collection, processing of large amounts of data and simulation of scenarios. Results and calculations are used to optimize the supply chain.

Who is it for?

Municipal water and sewerage companies can use FCW’s tools in order to gain control of the entire water supply chain and quickly identify disruptions.


The total project budget is SEK 21 million, of which approx. SEK 10 million comes from Vinnova.


Future City Water has been successfully implemented with support from Vinnova, as a continuation of step 1.


  • Introduce smart water supply networks on a large scale.
  • Contribute to increased digital maturity in VA operations.
  • Export solutions for safe drinking water supply from groundwater sources and thus contribute to cost-effective management of drinking water resources.