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Blue-green stormwater solutions

Open (blue-green) stormwater solutions get more common and are about to play a central role in the management of stormwater in Sweden and other countries in the world. However, there is a need for evaluation of existing systems and to find out what role the system plays in the overall management of the city's water. It is also considered to examine the importance of systems with regard to the quantity and quality of the stormwater that reaches the recipient.

Furthermore, considering the expected tighter requirements in near future it seems also necessary to improve the effluent quality from the open systems as well. This could be done by application of sustainable physico-chemical processes to the existing stormwater facilities. Sorption, for instance, is a process which is going to be evaluated in this context for treatment of urban toxics such as herbicides and pesticides or other organic and inorganic impurities.

  • What is the role of individual open stormwater solutions for detention and reduction of stormwater runoff?
  • What reduction of pollutants can be expected depending on the system’s age, construction and operation?
  • What are the available methods to improve the hydraulic functionality and effluent quality of an open stormwater facility?
  • How does the solutions affect the stormwater runoff in the city? And how the solutions can be evaluated as an overall strategy?

Haghighatafshar, S. (2019) Blue-green stormwater systems for citywide flood mitigation: Monitoring, conceptualization, modeling, and evaluation Water and Environmental Engineering Department of Chemical Engineering, Lund University,

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