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Final report Micropollutant removal at Sjölunda WWTP – bromate formation in ozonation and regeneration of activated carbon (in Swedish)

Author: Kerstin Hoyer, Lennart Höglind, Anders Sjölin, Michael Cimbritz, Per Falås, Rubén Juárez Cámara, Ola Svahn, Jacob Kragh Andersen, Christina Berg Olesen

Year: 2022

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Drinking plastics? – Quantification and qualification of microplastics in drinking water distribution systems by µFTIR and Py-GCMS

Author: Kirstein, I. V., Hensel, F., Gomiero, A., Iordachescu, L., Vianello, A., Wittgren, H. B. & Vollertsen, J. (2021)

Year: 2021

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About Sweden Water Research

Author: Sweden Water Research

Year: 2015

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Thicker than water

Author: Emma Fältström

Year: 2015


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Q&A The Warm and Clean City

Author: Ulrika Celin Wedin

Year: 2016

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