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Kenneth M Persson awarded for his contributions to the water sector

Kenneth M Persson, head of research at Sydvatten and Sweden Water Research and professor at Lund university, receives the award Vatten-priset, for his contributions in the drinking water sector.

Prototype of innovative toilet system installed in Malmö

The first prototype of an innovative toilet system is now installed at VA SYD's head office in Malmö. Urine is collected directly under the toilet and dehydrated in a cassette that contains, treats and concentrates the urine. The output is a dry nutrient rich urine based fertilizer. Researchers at the Swedish University of Agricultural (SLU) have developed the new system, which will be tested in Malmö and Lund.
Sandy Chan och Josefin Barup

Drinking water quality in real-time by 2025

Major investment in drinking water quality will provide new knowledge and faster analysis. "In the future, we will know about a quality change before it occurs."
Provtagning i jord. Doktoranden Emma Fältström skrapar av en spade.

PhD candidate investigating the sources of microplastic pollution

Emma Fältström is a PhD candidate at Sweden Water Research and at the division of Environmental Technology and Management at Linköping University. In November 2020 she defended her licentiate thesis “Towards the Control of Microplastic Pollution in Urban Waters”.
Foto på Jing Li i labbet. Foto: Shokoufeh Salimi

Dissertation: Jing Li, Managing Eutrophic Waters in Artificial Recharge Plants – Cyanotoxin risks in Swedish freshwaters

On Friday the 27 of March Jing Li defended her thesis "Managing Eutrophic Waters in Artificial Recharge Plants - Cyanotoxin risk in Swedish freshwaters".
Scientist Monika Hartl. Photo: ORNL/Genevieve Martin

Scientists at Sweden Water Research, ESS and ORNL study Bisphenol A for cleaner water applications

Scientist at Swedish Water Research and ESS are using neutrons at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to study how bisphenol A (BPA) interacts with water filters. This project is now hightlighted in American media.

New research project focuses on reducing microplastics in the Baltic Sea

A new research project will focus on decreasing and removing microplastics in the Baltic Sea. The project will increase knowledge and understanding about dispersal pathways and sources through measurements in different flows in society, as well as cost-effective methods to reduce microplastics.
Simon Gidstedt

Science slam with PhD students

PhD students from Sweden Water Research participated in a science slam arranged by the institution for chemical engineering at Lund University. Watch their performances below.

Upstream work in Swedish municipalities

Emma Fältström, PhD student at Sweden Water Research, presents the study Upstream work today and in the future – municipal perspectives in a report.

Welcome Mohammadreza Kamali

Mohammadreza Kamali is a guest at the Sweden Water Research office in Lund from August to September 2018.

Welcome Simon Gidstedt – new PhD student!

We would like to welcome our new PhD student Simon Gidstedt to Sweden Water Research. Simon will work with removing micropollutants and pharmaceuticals from waste water in the project "Less is more".
Slam i solnedgång - Ulf Nyberg

Phosphorus recovery from wastewater – IWA Sweden seminar 11 April

Professionals in the public and private water sector, NGOs and academia gathered in Malmö to discuss the issue of phosphorus recovery. The seminar was arranged by IWA Sweden, Sweden Water Research, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, VA-teknik Södra and The Swedish Water and Wastewater Association.